Some Excerpts Added to the Site

Hello Friends!

We have updated the Excerpts page with a couple passages from the beginning of the novel. I will be posting some on here periodically, giving you–my fans–a peek inside of my story. I am very excited to be getting this book finished and hopefully soon into your hands!

Our artist is also working on the illustrations for the book and I will be sharing some of that with you as soon as we have some samples available.

Thanks for your support!

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Read my interview!

I invite everyone to read the interview posted here on my website! Editor Robert Yehling, Word Journeys, Inc., posed a great set of questions to me in an interview recently, and I want you all to get a glimpse into the motives and feelings behind my novel, The Legend of Burroughs’ Rangers.

Feel free to ask questions or comment, and I will get back to you shortly.

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The Site is LIVE!

We are finally here! There are still a few sections on the site to be completed, but we are getting closer to a completed project. Check back often, subscribe to our feed on the Contact page, and stay connected. We will let you know as soon as the book is published.

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